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~Offering Many Pathways for your Inner Journey

Celestial Awakenings is a New Age Metaphysical store with a selection of transformational jewelry, large selection of crystals, healing wands, minerals, incense, Buddhist items, essential oils, candles, pagan magic and altar tools, tarot, gifts, decor, pendulums, salt lamps, local artist & authors,  and so much more. Our staff is friendly and knowledgeable.

We are dedicated to providing quality products, and services to assist the community in building happy, healthy lives and connections. We honor all life paths, and are here to assist you on your journey. For answers to all your questions, please feel free to call us today 360.896.2207. Our vision is to help provide a nurturing, healing, environment for the community, stimulate thought, enhance spirit, and provide resources for people of many paths to explore.  Dare to Dream...~...

Reiki Circle w/ Sarah Ramsdell
Wednesday  July 1st - 6:30pm - 9pm 

Sliding Scale: $5-$20

To Learn more about Sarah of Whispering of the Heart Click Here  
 Reiki is Universal Life Force Energy. The first Wednesday of each month you are warmly invited to share in a time of rejuvenating, balancing and uplifting Reiki energy. What is a Reiki circle? Sometimes called Reiki shares a Reiki circle is where people gather together to share each person spending time receiving Reiki from the rest of the group. This is wonderful for those at all levels of Reiki training & understanding. From those who are simply curious about Reiki to advanced practitioners. All hearts welcome!
Space is limited to 10 people. Please contact Sarah directly at (360) 694-8928 to share in this time of rejuvenation and healing. Being attuned to Reiki is not required   .


~~~Celestial Awakenings and its staff (including any person renting space i.e. practitioners, readers, energy workers, massage therapist & more ) are not licensed to make any medical or counseling recommendations, to include the use of herbs, rocks, jewelry, oils, essences, or any other metaphysical objects or products to customers. Metaphysical Healing Properties of all products and services is for entertainment purposes only and should not be used in lieu of a health care/ financial/ mental health/ legal professional. All advice given is just a suggestion, please see your doctor or other health care practitioner about all injuries, illness, or other health or emotional issues. Metaphysical healing properties of all products and services are not a prescription, diagnosis or health care substation. Opinions, content, or teaching expressed in any scheduled appointment, class, or event do not necessarily reflect the views of Celestial Awakenings and it’s owners. All Practitioners are separate entities that do not work for Celestial Awakenings.   All Practitioners are responsible for their own business and content.

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