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Portland Calendar

Portland Events & Practitioner Schedule 

7831 SE Stark St.  #100   Portland, OR, 9721

Located on the calendar is a list of practitioner's names along with their contact number so you may book your appointment. Unless Otherwise Indicated, all events and sessions with practitioners on this page are hosted at our Portland Location. 

Below is a list of upcoming events in our Portland location. 

For those who would like to connect with like-minded people, events provide wonderful opportunities! Learn, connect, and grow.  "Sliding Scale" means you choose the price that works for you within the prices offered.

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Fibonacci Tuning Forks Healing Meditation & Reiki Circle with Rod Abernathy

Every Thursday 1:00-3:30


Sliding Scale $5-$30

We welcome you to join Rod Abernathy for this ongoing, healing event. This is a time of sharing and caring. Discover the many ways harmony & balance can be expressed with Reiki. While it is recommended, you do not need to be a Reiki Practitioner to attend.

Fibonacci Tuning Forks Healing Meditation & Reiki Circle with Rod Abernathy

Every 2nd Saturday 12-3


Sliding Scale $5-$30

We welcome you to join Rod Abernathy for this ongoing, healing event. This is a time of sharing and caring. Discover the many ways harmony & balance can be expressed with Reiki. While it is recommended, you do not need to be a Reiki Practitioner to attend.

 Healing Breathwork

** Due to current circumstances, Healing Breathwork Ceremony on Saturday, March 21st has been cancelled. **

Join Hannaneel Perez for the Healing Breathwork Ceremony every 3rd Saturday of the month.


Healing Breathwork is co-created ceremony that honors and blends timeless wisdom of the Ancestors (the heart centered and earth-honoring paths) with a unique-to-each-session modern soundtrack that propels one from their current reality into the next. This powerful experiential process utilizes one’s own breath, the music in the room, and sound healing coupled with energy medicine to enter an expanded state of consciousness where there can be infinite potential for healing and self-discovery. This deeply transformational process is held in a safe and secure container of divine energy providing a supportive setting in which to connect to one’s own healing wisdom which guides the breathwork session.

When: The 3rd Saturday of the month. Please try to arrive a bit early to settle into the space, place your altar items, receive an aura clearing, and to harmonize with the energies.

Cost: $33.00 - This class is limited to 6 participants. 

RSVP - Text: 360-721-8847 or
Email: Turningpointhealings@gmail.com

What to Bring:
2 Small Blankets or 1 Large Blanket
2 Pillows
Altar Items - Any sacred object/tool of your choice that best supports your process and transformation.

Additional Class Considerations:
Dress comfortably in clothes that allow you to move freely.
No heavy or large meals prior to class is strongly suggested.
Plant allies of sage, cedar, palo santo and copal will be burned to clear energy during the breathwork portion of the class.

*** Please note that Healing Breathwork is not recommended for individuals who have heart issues/disease, high blood pressure, severe mental illness, recent surgery or fractures, acute infectious illness, epilepsy, glaucoma, pregnancy, or asthma. If you have needs that would be best supported by a mental health professional, please do not consider this practice as a substitute for such care.***

Who is Hannaneel?
She is a Kaqchikel Wisdom Keeper specializing in Ancestral & Energy Medicine. The Kaqchikel are an indigenous Maya Peoples from the central highlands of Guatemala, the homeland of her father's people. As a genetic carrier of the Mayan lineage, Hannaneel also carries their collective energetic experience, knowledge, and wisdom. She blends this unique cellular memory with that of her maternal lineage which has been traced from early colonial Americas to royal lines throughout Europe. These deep rememberings allow her to gracefully witness, guide, and hold space for others through challenging human and spiritual experiences. As a conduit for Source/Creator energies, Hannaneel is able to provide extraordinary perception, divine understanding, ancient wisdom, and practical tools to empower each individual to remember who they are and awaken to their highest authentic potential. Hannaneel is available for session work at Celestial Awakenings.

Ritual and Reiki with Danae Marlene Smith

Every 4th Friday 6 - 9
Sliding Scale $20-$40

Reiki is a powerful healing modality that allows a person to be a channel for the intelligence and life force energy of the universe. When you allow Reiki to flow through you and guide you, profound shifts are possible in all areas of your life. Reiki, in my opinion, is the universe healing itself through us, and we are all aspects of the universe. The more we can surrender to the intelligence and wisdom of this energy flowing through us, the more we can create the space for the universe itself to heal through us, which is in fact, itself. We then get to become the observer and conduits for miracles. There is power in numbers...coming together with others to channel Reiki, is a way to amplify and focus this healing modality in profound ways. Not only will you get to feel supported by community showing up for you in the 3D, but the energy and power of Reiki becomes amplified through the group allowing for even greater shifts. Reiki is not affiliated with any certain religion. This is a safe space, and all are welcome to come experience giving and receiving this powerful healing energy. Reiki is something we can all channel, sense we are all life force energy, it flows through us already. So no need for prior experience or attunements. You can get Reiki attunements, which allow you to become and even greater channel for Reiki to move through, and I offer attunements! I look forward to seeing you!