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Practitioner Information & Rates

Petra Moser

- with Celestial Awakenings since 2005

Psychic Readings  |  Tarot Card Readings  |  Medium  | Home & Business Blessings Spiritual Guidance  |  Aura Cleansing  |  Mentorship  |  Clearing Karmic Enmeshments

Vancouver Location - Every Friday & Saturday

Book Appointments 503-998-7403

Home Office Available 

Phone Sessions Available by Appointment Only

Petra has had profound visions from an early age.  A gifted channel, she is clairvoyant, clairaudient, and clairsentient.  


She is able to help guide you towards understanding and healing at a core soul level.  Able to see and hear your own guides she can be a bridge to help you understand the path you have chosen before incarnation and how to align with and open to your gifts.  As a psychic she can see the energy around you to assist with relationships, work related issues, energies in the home, and creating our future.

Petra's services include:

  • Psychic readings

  • Past lives

  • Mediumship

  • House clearing

  • Reiki Master/ Reiki Attunements

  • Energy Work

  • Mentorship program 

  • Intuitive counselor

  • Animal communication


30 min $75   1 Hour $120  |  1.5 Hours $ 175

2 or more people half hour: $140

2 or more people one hour $180

Laura Skinner

- with Celestial Awakenings since 2009

Psychic l Multi-Dimensional Healing l Teacher l Rose of Gaia

Vancouver Location - Every Thursday by Appointment only

By Phone - Appointment only

Book Appointments:  (360) -852-3429 (phone sessions available)

For More Info Visit:


Laura has been leading and teaching psychic and spiritual development groups for over 15 years. Transmitting channels, energy transmissions, and light encodements from her star teams. Laura also leads Group Trips all over the world to different sacred power sites working with earth’s power nodes and ley lines. 


Laura has cultivated her own unique quantum healing techniques downloaded to her from her Star teams and Spirit. These techniques work with:

  • the releasing of  the cellular libraries

  • releasing old imprints and anchors of the body  

  • dissolving ancestral and soul lines for dimensional healings.

  • powerful channels and  transmissions

  • unique encodements of light to facilitate healing at the quantum multidimensional level

  • moving the energy throughout the different bodies and releasing traumas at the cellular level.


This accelerates the activations of one’s quantum DNA for optimal organ functioning, body repair, and regeneration.


One of Laura’s greatest joys is witnessing and inspiring the growth and transformation within her clients.


1.5 Hours $ 150


Portland Oregon Brand-69_websize.jpg

The Divinity Within with Jeanette Hieter

- with Celestial Awakenings since 2010

Emotional Intelligence Coaching  |  Past Life Regressions  |  Soul's Purpose Activations Reiki Healing  |  Inner Child & Shadow Work  |  Spiritual Guidance  

Self Love & Empowerment Work  |  Manifestation  |  Small Business Coaching


Vancouver Location - Saturday, Sunday, Monday, & Wednesday 

Book Appointments Schedule Your Appointment Online


For more info & to read testimonials

​Life can become difficult, overwhelming, confusing and chaotic. You may feel as if you're being pulled in millions of directions as fears and anxieties ramp up in your demanding life, or sadness and depression creep in. You may find yourself drained as you show up for friends and family members with a caring heart, yet are left with little for yourself. An emerging desire to live a fulfilling and satisfying life may burn and ache deep within, yearning to come forward, as you hold a sneaking suspicion that there has to be more to life. 


You are here for a reason, and know it is time. Time to say "Yes" to yourself as you learn to heal and release sabotaging patterns. Time to shed limiting belief systems as you dissolve fears that are keeping you from truly living. You don't need to do this all on your own. In fact, I have found that journeying with others as they offer support, comfort and encouragement can bring you to new heights. Remember, when you use the same approaches you have always used, you get the same results we have always gotten. It is time for fresh new energies, intriguing perspectives and magical journeys, as we dive deep together and activate your soul's potential.


If this speaks to your heart and soul, I am here to journey with you on this sacred path, hand outreached, heart opened with over a decade of professional experience and finely tuned spiritual tools. Each session and/or training is created and customized just for you and your interest levels. With my own intuitive gifts, combined with Reiki, Energy Work, Oracle Cards and the help of your Higherself, Archangels & Spirit Guides, I specialize in assisting sensitive people with moving through the world, as they learn to build greater confidence, self-love and healthy boundaries.


Also, by joining forces with an amazing business strategist I empower small business owners to build their business with heart, confidence, divine guidance and intuition.


If you are in need, and you feel your heart open, call you forward and it feels like we are a fit, I am here for you and ready to journey.


1 Hour - $155 | 1.5 Hours - $188 | 2 Hours - $222 | 3 Hours - $333

Schedule Your Appointment Here

One-on-one Sessions | Session Packages 

Turning Point with Hannaneel.jpg
Turning Point with Hannaneel.jpg

Turning Point Healing with Hannaneel Perez

- with Celestial Awakenings since 2016


Ancestral & Generational Medicine  |  Spiritual Guidance & Wisdom 

Kundalini Activation & Guidance  |  Soul Retrieval & Trauma Integration

Emotional Healing Support  I  Land & Home Blessings and Clearings  

Vancouver Location - Every Thursday & Friday

Book Appointments: Book Online Here 

(Please Text for Same-Day Appointments)

Phone or Zoom Sessions Available on Tuesdays, Fridays and some Saturdays


For More Information

Hannaneel is a Kaqchikel Wisdom Keeper specializing in Ancestral & Energy Medicine. The Kaqchikel are an indigenous Maya Peoples from the central highlands of Guatemala, the homeland of her father's family.

Encoded within the miracle of each double-helix (DNA) we express genetic variations never before witnessed in human existence. These inherited sacred differences influence our moment to moment experience of being human. We are each given a lifetime of opportunity to heal, transform, and disentangle our inherited karma and karmic imprints. Karma is not about something good or bad that someone did. Karma is action, the memory of life, or the information stored in DNA. Ancestral and Generational Healing supports the compassionate release and transformation of inherited energies (karma) that no longer serve.

Hannaneel facilitates energetic healing (transmutation of karma) as a natural result of awakening her True Supreme Self within and allowing illusions of what she believed, felt, knew, and assumed about herself to fall away. This energy is known by many names: Kundalini, Tummo, the Holy Spirit, Divine Feminine, Thrusting Vessel and among the Kaqchikel it is known as "Koyopa'" which translates to "Lightning Bolt".

Witnessing the intricate and intelligent designs of each individual's energetic pattern, Hannaneel facilitates restorative and graceful balance via expansive clearing (release of all that is not you) and harmonic resonance with your divine sovereignty (your Supreme True Self).​ This can:

  • Release Emotional Blocks

  • Relieve Physical Pain

  • Activate the Body's Ability to Self-Heal

  • Create Feelings of Peace and Relaxation

  • Remove Mental Blocks

  • Increase Access to Inner Wisdom

  • Retrieve Soul Fragments

  • Balance and Activate Chakras

  • Bring Illumination and Clarity

  • Inspire New Ideas and Perceptions

  • Increase Creativity

  • Support New Ways of Grounding and Integration


For More Information
Schedule Your Session Here


1 Hour - $120 | 1.5 Hours - $150 | 2 Hours - $180 | 2.5 Hours - $210 | 3 Hours - $240  

Guidance and Mentorship Packages Available!  Session Packages can be a supportive tool during times of deep transformation and change where one may need consistent external guidance, wisdom, and mentorship.

Land & Home Blessings and Clearings - $255

Rod Blue shirt Crop.jpg


Rod Lee Abernathy - 

- with Celestial Awakenings since 2006

Alchemist  |  Cosmic Shaman  |  Reflexology  |  Reiki Master  |  Divine Channel Of Light   |  Munay-Ki Rites

Portland Location - Every Monday, Wednesday, Friday

In Person & Zoom Appointments

Book Appointments Text Same Day For Appointment: 503-913-6073 

For the past sixteen years I have been learning about myself and my relationship to Creative Source – all that is. Finding myself aligning to the definitions of Mystic, Shape Shifter, Alchemist, Frequency Holder, Energy Amplifier while working with the 3D energies of Reiki, The Ancients, Munay-Ki Rites and Cosmic Shaman. Currently being in Human Embodiment of the here and now channeling the Archetype energies of Source Love, Goddess, God, Archangels, Ascended Masters, Gaia and Energy Portals.

To me this means I am here to assist with the integration through harmonization of all that is in The Here and Now of Duality with Humanity’s Individualized nooks and crannies.

Change to me involves looking at your life from different perspectives and reacting anew. You need not worry about the past but redesign the here and now that you are living and proceeding from. Where we find ourselves today is based on the energetics we have aligned with earlier on the path. Stagnation is remaining as you are, not becoming who you can be.

Step on to your path of self-discovery, which means experiencing the highs and lows, the perceptions of good and bad thus allowing the integration and harmonization of all that is within you.

I open myself to be of service to those ready to engage in your self-realizations, finding your truths deep within you. Your truths will continue to evolve as you live a life of exploration and expansion.


20 mins - $30 l 40 mins - $60  | 1 Hour - $90 | 1.5 Hours - $120
Energy Work – Reiki, Reflexology, Frequency Alignment & Activation

Book Online Here

For Intuitive Readings Only (no energy work) $1.00 per minute (15 min. Minimum)


Michelle Kohn 

- with Celestial Awakenings since 2021

Psychic | Medium | Energy Healer

Portland Location - Sunday

Vancouver Location - Tuesday & Wednesday

Book Appointments:  (360) 772-5754 - call or text

Each session is done intuitively by layers.

Working on blocks and integrations along the way.

Helping you with your growth on your divine path of life.

*Inner Child Work


*Releasing Emotions

*Repairing Meridians

*Understanding of New Gifts

*Home/Business Cleansing

*Past Lives/Aspects


30 mins - $50 | 1 Hour - $90 


The Fluid Soul with Christine Myers

- with Celestial Awakenings since 2022 

Drum Readings, Clearings & Activations I Ancestral & Inner Child Healing | Home & Land Clearing |  Chakra & Aura Balancing l Sovereign Activation l Reiki Master Facilitation & Attunements l  Oracle Card Reading l Sacred Feather Jewelry Designer

Vancouver Location - Every Monday by Appointment

Portland Location -     Every Thursday

Christine is a certified Reiki Master and soul creator behind The Fluid Soul. It is her mission as a business owner and Reiki Practitioner to normalize healing the mind, body and spirit through energetic channels. Through her Workshops, YouTube Videos, Healing Reiki Sessions, Intuitive Gifts and Reiki Infused Jewelry, she is a lighthouse for those who are seeking change and deep transformation. She is passionate about empowering souls from all walks of life and truly believes WE are the main link to our greatest healing & breakthroughs. Christine is able to hold beautiful space for her clients, while their souls gently shift from one phase of life to another and helps to illuminate the path ahead. 


Christine has overcome many set backs throughout her life. Her faith in her spirituality has been the foundation to her healing & overcoming these adversities. She now applies many of her own strategies to her teachings with incorporating the ancient drumming practice passed down from her ancestors of the indigenous Sami tribe of Finland. Through the drum she can see images and feel emotions from the past, the present or the future. With her drum she is able to dive in, clear out the old and bring in the new to unlock her clients OWN intuitive compass and manifest their truest desires.


She graciously roots herself deep into mother earth to stay firmly grounded on this planet to allow grace, forgiveness, balance, honesty and truth to show up in a judgment free atmosphere. 


If you have been feeling the stir of life pull you towards your healing and purpose, Christine is a sweet surrender for the soul. A safe place to drop your worries and reclaim your sovereignty.



1 Hour - $95 Reiki  | 1 Hour in Home Session - $111 | 1 Hour at Metatron's Pyramid- $145 l Land & Home Blessings and Clearing - $255

Each Session comes with a free 15 minute consultation.

Jade Sunlight Lore

- with Celestial Awakenings since 2023 

Tarot Reader l Psychic Medium

Portland Location -     Every Saturday

Book Appointments:  (503)915-0028

Jade Sunlight Lore is a professional tarot reader and psychic medium who has been reading tarot for the past 10 years. Jade was introduced to magic and mystery in their early twenties when they had their first initiation into the spiritual world. They have been reading tarot ever since as part of their own personal spiritual healing practice. Jade started reading tarot professionally and offering healing services over the past year and a half. They believe there is so much to gain from the world of tarot and the insight it can offer people.


Jade was originally taught tarot by an old friend who grew up reading cards and learning the mystical arts. Jade was a natural at deciphering what messages the cards were holding and intuiting what the Universe was communicating through the cards. They use a combination of their knowledge about the specific tarot deck they are using as well as information that is directly received from The Universe in their readings. Jade offers a non-judgmental space for you to bring your thoughts and ideas into question. They believe that tarot can be a way for people to access their own healing, a source for liberation, as well as a way to gather information about what is going on in an individual’s life. Tarot can offer you a path, insight, and knowledge and it is up to you what you do with.


If you have a specific question, feel stuck, or want to know more about what steps you can take towards your own healing book a reading. They also offer and in-depth relationship spread if you are curious about a partner, lover or friend.



3 card spread $15  | Half Hour $30 | 1 Hour  $60 l Relationship spread $150

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