***Celestial Awakenings and its staff (including any person renting space i.e. practitioners, readers, energy workers, massage therapist & more ) are not licensed to make any medical or counseling recommendations, to include the use of herbs, rocks, jewelry, oils, essences, or any other metaphysical objects or products to customers. Metaphysical Healing Properties of all products and services is for entertainment purposes only and should not be used in lieu of a health care/ financial/ mental health/ legal professional. All advice given is just a suggestion, please see your doctor or other health care practitioner about all injuries, illness, or other health or emotional issues. Metaphysical healing properties of all products and services are not a prescription, diagnosis or health care substation. Opinions, content, or teaching expressed in any scheduled appointment, class, or event do not necessarily reflect the views of Celestial Awakenings and it’s owners. All Practitioners are separate entities that do not work for Celestial Awakenings.   All Practitioners are responsible for their own business and content.

Vancouver Calendar

Vancouver Events & Practitioner Schedule 

6610 NE Hwy 99  Vancouver, WA 9866

Located on the calendar is a list of practitioner's names along with their contact number so you may book your appointment. Unless Otherwise Indicated, all events and sessions with practitioners are hosted at our Vancouver Location.

Below is a list of upcoming events in our Vancouver location.

For those who would like to connect with like-minded people, events provide wonderful opportunities! Learn, connect, and grow. "Sliding Scale" means you choose the price that works for you within the prices offered.

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Drum Circle! With Jeff Elkins

Every Fourth Friday 7:00-9:00

Donations are warmly accepted!

Join Jeff Elkins as he hosts this community Drum Circle. All are welcome, including children, to gather, connect and celebrate. We have a few extra drums & rattles for those who don't have their own. Being able to navigate stairs is required for this event.

Drum for the healing of mother earth and for any other requests that are asked. Group clearings for any individual who feels called.

These circles can be quite large.


Intuitive Tarot With Petra Moser

Monthly every First & Third Saturday

Cost: $25 per class


Join Petra on a journey through learning how to read the cards with your intuition. A fun, interactive class that will help you strengthen your insight and abilities along with learning the tarot. Learning to trust your own guidance as you discover the magic that tarot can hold.


You will need:

A Thoth Tarot Deck

The Tarot Handbook by Angeles Arrien

A Journal for this class.

Reiki Circle with Rod Abernathy​

Every 1st Saturday 1:00-4:00

Donations warmly accepted!

We welcome you to join Rod Abernathy for this ongoing, healing event. This is a time of sharing and caring. Discover the many ways harmony & balance can be expressed with Reiki. While it is recommended, you do not need to be a Reiki Practitioner to attend.